NZ Pottery

Original Crown Lynn Shape Guide

A handy photo reference for when you’re on the run

1. History

Many years ago I was inspired by a forum I used to regularly visit on West German pottery, realising there wasn’t one for New Zealand pottery, I started a community forum called NZ Pottery & Collectables. This was the original forum base for other forums that have grown since then. The forum included the Crown Lynn Shape Guide and heaps of other information on NZ Pottery. You can still see the remains of the original forum here. Unfortunately over time life got in the way and I moved onto other work projects.

2. Easy Access

Recently though, I tried to search google for a Crown Lynn shape and found it wasn’t that easy to track down a Crown Lynn number using my mobile phone. Frustrated, I searched through all my old hard drives until I found the original photo files again.

I’m now in the process of uploading the old photos and some information from the original NZ Pottery forum so the community can easily access it again. I don’t have plans to create another forum as there are far easier ways to communicate in groups these days and already well established groups with great information. I just wanted an easy way to access shapes and visual information when I’m out and about and felt this might be useful for others too.

Ernest Shufflebotham
Ernest, Nora and Peter Shufflebotham onboard the SS Rangitata coming over to New Zealand from the UK 1948.

3. Thank You

I’d like to thank all the original members of the old forum who contributed their photos and information on Crown Lynn and also the Auckland Museum for giving permission to republish drawings from their Crown Lynn files.

Thanks also goes to Peter Shufflebotham who contacted me many years ago to talk about the work of his father Ernest Shufflebotham. During our very first conversation I discovered that his surname was being incorrectly used in NZ records. Since that time historians altered their texts to Shufflebotham and not Shufflebottom as had been used previously.

Thanks also goes to Ernie Cooper who was a cadet at Crown Lynn. We met for a coffee years ago when he was in New Zealand and he generously gave me a copy of his cadets notes as a resource for the website and then also gave a copy to the Waitakere library.

If you have any ideas on information you’d like included on this site, photos from your collection that we could include for reference or if I’ve made any errors that need correcting, please don’t hesitate to email me.